V2X communication

car avoids traffic jam at junction with v3x communication

Traffic flow optimization, early recognition of traffic disruptions or recommendations for alternative routes based on weather services and traffic cameras: Digitization within vehicles is increasing at the same fast pace as the digital communication with the environment.

The virtual world allows to perform tests that would be far too complex in real life: Myriad levels of vehicle networking can be assessed, from traffic scenarios with different mixtures of V2X vehicles and non-V2X vehicles, to fully cooperative driving environments.

Regardless of whether communication is between two vehicles (V2V), between a vehicle and the traffic infrastructure (V2I) or between a vehicle and a backend IT system.

Your benefits at a glance

Time saving

Early testing of communication in virtual prototypes

Reliable evaluation

SIL as well as HIL tests for mobile network and Wi-FI-based systems

Easy development and validation

V2X functions to optimize traffic flow or increase energy efficiency

Realistic test conditions

Incorporation of environmental information into vehicle decisions

Comfortable testing

Data fusion, plausibility check and information prioritization from different sources


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