Products and services

Designing virtual prototypes

  • Objective: Creation of a digital twin of the customer-specific model
  • Analysis of available data
  • Definition and coordination of the required component and vehicle measurements; if necessary, contracting of IPG Automotive partners
  • Model parameterization
  • Validation of the vehicle model
  • Model integration

Parameter identification for the Pfeffer steering model

  • Parameterization of the Pfeffer steering model using measurement data from test benches
  • Integration of the steering system into a steering system test bench
  • Support with measurements
  • Analysis of measurement data, parameter identification and validation of MIL results
Steering-in-the-Loop testbench

Parameterization and validation of sensor models

Integration of models and electronic control units

  • Development of customer-specific models and model extensions
  • Integration of models into the CarMaker platform
  • Integration of electronic control units into existing hardware-in-the-loop systems
  • Integration of additional hardware such as measuring technology or signal generators for closed-loop simulation environments
Modular integration of models and control units
[Translate to english:] Aufbau Straßen, Szenarien, Testkataloge

Creation of road models, scenarios and test catalogs

  • Export and processing of road networks and environmental information from map data
  • Implementation of the maneuver descriptions, the behavior of all road users and modelling of the environment for all areas of application
  • Integration of the automatic calculation of parameters and evaluation criteria
      • Setup of RDE routes using real-world models for powertrain development
      • Development and implementation of driving maneuver catalogs for vehicle dynamics applications and drivability
      • Creation of scenarios for the development of ADAS systems toward the advancement of autonomous driving
      • Use of self-contained, customer-specific simulation projects as office solutions or on the test bench: parameterization of the models, implementation of complex simulation environments, validation, evaluation of results

      Creation of new interfaces for the integration and automation of various systems

      • Adjustments to and extensions of the customer-specific simulation environment
      • Integration of our software solutions into existing processes and tool landscapes
      • Support for the automation of the simulation environment by adjusting scripts and interfaces
      • Implementation of existing and development of new interfaces in order to enable communication with novel systems
      • Examples: UDP protocol connection for VeloView, Open Simulation Interface, electronic horizon with ADASIS v3, integration of a ROS node into CarMaker
      [Translate to english:] Steering-in-the-Loop, Lenksystemprüfstand

      Rental Steering-in-the-Loop test bench

      • Option to test the Steering-in-the-Loop test bench before purchase
      • Validation of steering systems through function, fail-safe and performance tests
      • Virtual steering system benchmark
      • Parameter identification Pfeffer steering model

      Customer-specific GUIs

      • Development of customer- and project-specific user interfaces
      • Improved user-friendly format with representation and control of specific functions
      Engineers adapt test bench

      Enhancement of existing hardware-in-the-loop systems

      • Adjusting existing HIL test benches to new ECU generations
      • Enhancing existing HIL test benches with additional electronic control units, measuring technology or signal generators
      • Example: GNSS signal generators, additional sensors, ECU network HILs, etc.

      Operation of test benches

      • Putting systems into operation on-site
      • Training from our engineers, tailored to the individual system and specific requirements
      Engineer supervises test bench
      Frau mit Headset

      Customized support

      • Comprehensive, customer-oriented and proactive support for technical questions regarding our products, even on-site when necessary
      • Contact person for one-on-one support

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