SensCompute: Powerful simulation of multiple sensors

SensCompute is a hardware product from IPG Automotive that is used for sensor calculation. The system is tailored to the simulation solution CarMaker and preconfigured by our experts for fast and easy application.

What is SensCompute?

  • The product name SensCompute combines the words “sensor(s)” and “(to) compute” and therefore stands for the calculation of different sensors.
  • The hardware solution SensCompute calculates different sensor types such as camera, radar, lidar or ultrasonic simultaneously by distributing them optimally across multiple GPUs.
  • Clustering various sensors allows to speed up calculation of computationally expensive scenarios.

Who benefits from SensCompute?

  • Everyone looking for a powerful computing platform for CPU-intensive sensor simulation
  • Engineers that test and validate ADAS and automated driving functions
  • Users that apply multiple camera, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors at the same time
  • Users that generate synthetic sensor data and annotations for AI training
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Why SensCompute?

  • SensCompute can integrate different sensor types in test processes at the same time and in different combinations.
  • This enables fast calculation of physical sensor models and shortens test processes.
  • Even for complex driving scenarios, powerful sensor simulation is guaranteed.
  • The system is simple and intuitive thanks to a preconfigured and optimized setup.

How can SensCompute be used?

  • SensCompute can be used as an expandable and scalable computing unit.
  • Fully preconfigured systems are easy to integrate into existing and new test setups.
  • SensCompute has a network interface for fast connection and remote control.
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Your benefits at a glance

Ready to use

Turnkey, quick configuration and intuitive use

High test coverage

Include and combine a variety of sensor types simultaneously

Scalable computing power

Parallel GPU-based sensor calculation

Enhanced performance

More tests in less time with a powerful computing unit


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