The simulation solution CarMaker was specifically designed for the development and seamless testing of cars and light-duty vehicles in all development stages (MIL, SIL, HIL, VIL). The open integration and test platform allows to implement virtual test scenarios for the application areas Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Powertrain and Vehicle Dynamics. The high-resolution 3D visualization tool ensures photorealistic quality. A variety of supported standards and interfaces also guarantees the smooth integration into existing tool landscapes.

Your benefits at a glance

High reliability

Proven solution with countless industry references and success stories

Reduction in physical testing

Highly realistic virtual test driving environment reduces expensive and time-consuming physical testing

Efficient process integration

Open integration platform with many supported standards and interfaces

Great usability

Intuitive GUI and numerous product examples to build upon

End-to-end workflows

Merger of simulation assets and tools to create and execute end-to-end development workflows

Seamless reusability

Seamless run of reliable and repeatable simulation and reuse of scenarios across development stages from MIL, SIL, HIL to VIL

Superior performance

Fast C/C++-based simulation core with highly efficient simulation models

Easy and rapid scalability

Scalable simulation environment with reference designs and working examples for HPC and cloud-based applications – ideal for CI/CD/CT

Rapid virtual prototyping

CarMaker offers a high-performance, real-time capable vehicle model to build virtual prototypes already during early stages of the development process. All components can be replaced with customer-specific models or hardware. By combining the virtual prototype with an adaptive driver model, a complex traffic model as well as a detailed road and environment model, automated and reproducible test are possible at any time. The well-structured user interface guarantees easy parameterization.

Realistic 3D visualization

CarMaker’s new visualization tool Movie NX enables a photorealistic simulation of scenarios. Thanks to the light and weather effects, real scenarios in the virtual world may take place at any time of day and during any season. Built-in camera models with HDR capability allow for realistic testing of camera systems. AI algorithms, used in automated driving functions for object detection for example, can be trained and validated through semantic segmentation. With the Video Interface Box X, the generated images can be transferred directly to the imager of the camera system.

3D Vizualisation with Movie NX
Scale scenarios

Flexible scalability

CarMaker guarantees a smooth, stable and automated test process for seamless use in the areas MIL, SIL, HIL and VIL, and enables the parallel execution of test catalogs. Parallel computing can take place at a workstation, on HPC systems or in the cloud. Either the Test Manager integrated in CarMaker or the Python API, for remote control of the test automation via own scripts and tools, can be used in this process.

Data analysis and evaluation

CarMaker offers a variety of possibilities for data analysis and therefore increases transparency. On the one hand, greater amounts of data can be stored flexibly for subsequent analysis with third-party software. On the other hand, important data can be monitored directly during the test run with the integrated IPGControl tool. It also enables the comparison of data from multiple test runs. Furthermore, the virtual dashboard Instruments guarantees seamless access to all relevant instruments, scales and information on the driver behavior (e.g. steering wheel angle, gear selection) as well as on the status of the vehicle (e.g. ignition, tachometer, turn signal lights).

data analysis GUI IPG control

Interfaces and standards

Thanks to numerous standard interfaces and supported standard formats, such as FMI and OpenDRIVE, CarMaker can easily be integrated into existing toolchains. With a high number of custom interfaces, CarMaker itself can also be utilized as a central integration platform. The openness of CarMaker will continue to be extended in the future to further simplify the integration of virtual test driving into individual company-specific processes.

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