Comfort systems

car at tollbooth with activated object sensor

Safety and comfort are the key sales arguments for a vehicle – which is why development should focus on these aspects.

They have become even more relevant since the increased use of embedded software and electronics, and the extensive networks they created have led to a sharp rise of the test effort.

Virtual testing allows to reduce the effort and to analyze the system itself as well as interactions with other systems.

Your benefits at a glance

Efficient development of comfort systems

ACC systems, parking and lighting assistance systems

Early function tests

Evaluation of systems, their interactions with other systems and HMI interfaces

Development and optimization of information displays

Part of the HMI evaluation on the driving simulator

Easy generation of scenarios

From heavy traffic situations to rural driving

Increased flexibility

Functionality checks at different speeds and in various weather conditions

Simple and virtual robustness tests

Test algorithms for rare cases and ambiguous scenarios


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