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Are you interested in our products and their various applications? Would you like to test our software solutions and get answers to your questions right away? Join us in one of our workshops! Seize the opportunity to test our simulation software – at IPG Automotive in Karlsruhe, in your area, exclusively at your premises or online.

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26 June, 2024 01:00 PM CEST- Quick-Start Webinar: Off-Highway Vehicles

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Our next Quick-Start Webinar is just around the corner! This time, we will take a closer look at off-highway vehicles.

The session will highlight various challenges in the virtual development of different off-highway vehicles, and present how our software TruckMaker helps to overcome them.

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This Quick-Start Webinar targets engineers, researchers and enthusiasts. It will guide you through various virtual scenarios and simulate different driving manoeuvers with a virtual vehicle in our TruckMaker simulation software.

Are you ready for our next Quick-Start Webinar? Get to know our solution VIRTO, our app toolchain for virtual vehicle development.

In this webinar, we invite you to learn more about IPG Automotive’s little helper and its various apps.

Our strategic consulting expert will present this solution, provide insights into accessible workflow management for simulation and answer your questions in a Q&A session.

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IPG Automotive presents its best-selling product, CarMaker, in a Quick-Start Webinar designed for beginners. This session will explain the basic functions of CarMaker and showcase its wide range of assets in the world of vehicle simulation and test drives.

Targeted at automotive engineers, researchers, and enthusiasts, this webinar will guide you through creating a virtual scenario and simulating various maneuvers using a virtual vehicle in our Simulation Software CarMaker.

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The electric powertrain, a multifaceted and hierarchically structured system, relies on intricate interactions between software development and hardware design. Early-stage validation of design decisions and their profound influence on vehicle behavior is a pivotal cornerstone for successful product development. This webinar explores the collaboration between IPG Automotive and Ansys, showcasing how it expands the scope of virtual test driving for EVs.


  • Develop electric powertrain high-fidelity plant models
  • Combine software and hardware for sub-system and system validation
  • Integrate Ansys powertrain models into CarMaker from IPG Automotive for accurate prediction of vehicle performance

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  • Using CarMaker for scenario-based testing of ADAS
  • Introduction to the simulation models for the environment (3D road networks), traffic, ego vehicles, sensors and drivers
  • Testing the ADAS human machine interface using driving simulators with interactive virtual reality animation
  • Camera HIL testing environment: Testing a lane keeping assist system with a virtual camera sensor
  • Using the Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL) approach to test a park assist function in a real vehicle environment
  • Automated execution of test scenarios including specific Euro NCAP test scenarios

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  • Using CarMaker to simulate real driving, including a 3D vehicle, 3D road track, driver and traffic
  • Introduction to the simulation model environment for conventional, hybrid and electric powertrains
  • Using CarMaker on engine, powertrain and roller test benches: Development and testing under real-world driving conditions
  • Investigating Real Driving Emissions (RDE) and determining real-world consumption with the help of virtual test driving
  • Using the electronic horizon for predictive systems, e.g. for energy management
  • Integrating third-party powertrain models (via FMI, Simulink and direct interfaces)
  • Setting up hardware-in-the-loop tests with an Xpack4 real-time computer
  • Automated execution of test scenarios

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  • Using CarMaker to simulate the handling dynamics of the whole vehicle
  • Introduction to the simulation models for the driver, vehicle (incl. chassis, steering, brakes, tires) and road
  • Testing vehicle dynamics control systems and vehicle dynamics control units
  • Model integration and soft ECU generation
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing with Xpack4 real-time computer and fault generation via the Fail Safe Tester
  • Automated execution of test scenarios

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