Partners and memberships

We offer our customers tailored end-to-end solutions for seamless and detailed virtual testing of systems in the context of the whole vehicle with virtual test driving. Thanks to our steadily growing network of partners with great expertise and many years of experience, we always find the right solution for the individual challenges our customers face throughout their entire development processes.

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH Logo

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH is one of the leading experts in the field of high-precision kinematic surveying of public roads, proving grounds, race tracks and road surfaces of any kind. Within the partnership with IPG Automotive, high-precision reference maps are created for CarMaker from measurements by 3D Mapping Solutions, to serve as a basis for vehicle dynamics and ADAS development as well as testing and validation of autonomous driving applications.

AB Dynamics and IPG enter into a technological partnership for the accelerated development of advanced driving systems. This will be achieved by improving the use of CarMaker on the advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) specifically designed for driver-in-the-loop development of road vehicles, and optimising and converting data generated from the SPMM 5000 vehicle K&C test machine which allows accurate measurement of Centre of Gravity and Moments of Inertia for vehicles and vehicle components.

adletec IT-Solutions provides intelligent out-of-the-box solutions for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, scientists and racing teams. Based on the requirements of a driving simulation with audio feedback, adletec developed the official audio module for CarMaker: SoundMaker Professional. This add-on module comes with a full-fledged OpenAL 3D audio engine with real-time audio-sink adjustment, IPGMovie integration and network support.

As part of their partnership, AIP Automotive – a leading manufacturer of vehicle test systems for the realistic reproducible simulation of road tests – and IPG Automotive closely collaborate on the optimum integration of IPG Automotive's software CarMaker/TestBed and real-time hardware with AIP Automotive’s chassis dynamometers. They perform coordinated customization and support the commissioning of the interface.

Ansible Motion creates Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulators for vehicle engineering. IPG Automotive and Ansible Motion cooperate to use CarMaker vehicle models on the DIL simulators of Ansible Motion.

Ansys is a global leader in engineering simulation software. Our Mission: Powering Innovation That Drives Human Advancement™. For over 50 years, Ansys software has enabled innovators to push boundaries with the predictive power of simulation. From sustainable transportation to advanced semiconductors, from satellite systems to life-saving medical devices, our software will power the next great leaps in human advancement.

aSR advanced Simulated Reality is a high-tech startup based in Stuttgart. aSR provides an innovative hardware and software platform with an open architecture for virtual vehicle development, aiming at accelerating engineering processes and reducing costs. As part of the partnership, aSR creates interfaces to connect hardware components to the tool landscape of IPG Automotive and enables simulation models to be experienced in the driving simulator.

The startup CogniBIT develops neurocognitive models of road users for simulation, making it easier to realistically simulate human road users and their seemingly unpredictable behavior. These traffic agent models, which perceive, decide and act like human road users, enrich the simulation in CarMaker with lifelike road users.

Founded in 2006, Continental Engineering Services has become a leading, international development and production partner for automotive and industry customers. The company develops and produces new solutions for technological challenges in the vehicle interiors, powertrain and chassis fields of expertise or adapts proven mass production technologies. In doing so, the company makes mobility user-friendly, drive-efficient, safe and comfortable.

cosin scientific software AG Logo

cosin scientific software develops the leading software FTire (Flexible Structure Tire Model), a fully physics-based non-linear 3D tire model. Combined with different road models and using flexible rim models as well as a powerful toolbox to process tire and road data, FTire is the most comprehensive software package for tire dynamics simulation.

As part of the partnership with IPG Automotive, an interface between FTire and IPG Automotive’s CarMaker and TruckMaker was developed which enables the flexible use of highly precise virtual tires in test drives of various complexities for a broad range of use cases such as the development of ADAS.

Elektrobit and IPG Automotive collaborate on linking EB Assist ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework) with the CarMaker product family, enabling efficient development processes for ADAS and automated driving functions, from the first virtual prototypes up to field testing.

The Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS) is an independent institute and provides research and development services for the automotive industry. The FKFS cooperates with the University of Stuttgart Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering IVK. Within the partnership with IPG Automotive, CarMaker is used for numerous online and offline simulations in the field of ADAS, automated driving, chassis system control, driving dynamics and powertrain. For subjective evaluations CarMaker is also used in the Stuttgart Driving Simulator.

Fujisoft is an independent IT solution vendor founded in 1970. In recent years, the company has formed a partnership with IPG Automotive. They provide simulation environments, offer support and adapt CarMaker to the specific models of OEMs and suppliers.

The company has development experience in emerging fields of technology including autonomous vehicles, EV and V2X communication, but also in established fields such as ADAS, powertrain, chassis and IVI. Fujisoft can therefore provide a multitude of technologies for automotive software development.

Logo GenSys

GeneSys Elektronik is an engineering company with focus on developing and producing sensor systems for a variety of applications - ranging from automotive dynamics analysis to guidance of tunnelling machines and image processing for process automation.
The GNSS-aided gyro system ADMA provides highly precise data of a moving vehicle for vehicle dynamics testing or ADAS evaluation; ADMA meets all the demands of industry test standards.

HERE, the Open Location Platform company enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. HERE Technologies and IPG Automotive are partnering to offer an ADAS RP interface as well as an HERE HD Live Map interface for the CarMaker simulation environment. Both solutions enable the fully automated transfer of HERE map data (complex road networks including detailed information on road infrastructure) to CarMaker. The digitized road network serves as basis for setting up simulation scenarios within CarMaker.

HORIBA Automotive

As part of their partnership, HORIBA and IPG Automotive closely collaborate on the optimum integration of IPG Automotive's software CarMaker/TestBed and Xpack4 real-time hardware with HORIBA's propulsion system test benches (engine, chassis and powertrain). They perform coordinated customization and support the commissioning of the interface.

Keysight Technologies is the world's leading electronic measurement company. Keysight’s innovative solutions help the automotive industry to develop and manufacture high-quality products. In a joint partnership, Keysight, IPG Automotive and other partners are developing the open platform ADE (Autonomous Drive Emulation) for scenario-based stimulation of vehicle sensors and V2X components. With this platform, autonomous driving functions can be validated under realistic conditions in the lab.

Kristl, Seibt & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H. Logo

As part of their partnership, KS Engineers and IPG Automotive closely collaborate on the optimum integration of IPG Automotive's software CarMaker/TestBed and Xpack4 real-time hardware with KS Engineers' propulsion system test benches. They perform coordinated customization and support the commissioning of the interface.

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Simulink is a block diagram environment used to design systems with multidomain models, simulate before moving to hardware, and deploy without writing code.

Learn more about Simulink here:

Learn more about MathWorks solution for the automotive industry here:

MSC Software is the developer of ADAMS (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems), the multibody dynamics simulation solution. IPG Automotive and MSC Software have entered into a technology partnership for collaborating on the seamless conversion of ADAMS model data into CarMaker model data.

nVIZ develops solutions for test driving in virtual reality. CarMaker is integrated in the compact driving simulator designed by nVIZ to simulate physically correct vehicle dynamics in real time for developing driver assistance systems and automated driving functions.

ONO SOKKI has a wide range of test bench systems for automobile development. In particular, we focus on the HIL bench system consisting of actual machines and simulations. Combining intelligent driver models, detailed vehicle models and flexible road and traffic flow models of CarMaker and advanced measurement and control technologies of ONO SOKKI, our total solution with simulations and bench systems will contribute to the improvement and promotion of customers' MBD.

As part of their partnership, OPVengineering and IPG Automotive closely collaborate on the optimum integration of IPG Automotive's software CarMaker/TestBed and Xpack4 real-time hardware with OPVengineering's propulsion system test benches. They perform coordinated customization and support the commissioning of the interface.

Managing the huge and constantly increasing amount of simulation data is an increasing challenge for large-scale usage of virtual test driving. To help solving the challenge of global engineering collaboration and traceability using centrally managed, structured and qualified data, PDTec is working with IPG Automotive to develop and provide a data management solution for CarMaker: SDM4CM.

The Karlsruhe-based companies PTV Group and IPG Automotive offer a complete solution for driving simulation in a virtual environment. This is made possible by a specially developed interface which enables the connection between PTV Group’s traffic simulation software PTV Vissim and IPG Automotive's CarMaker product family. Research and development teams utilize the co-simulation with both simulation tools as a foundation for the development and validation of driving functions and vehicle properties taking a variety of simulated traffic situations into account.

[Translate to English:] Logo rFpro

rFpro has partnered with IPG Automotive to provide a combined solution for the testing of vehicle dynamics as well as perception and control systems for ADAS and automated driving systems.  The entire IPG Automotive toolchain can execute tests and experiments within physically modeled rFpro digital twins of real-world test locations. Additionally, scenarios created in IPG Automotive’s Scenario Editor may be single-click converted to run in rFpro and its photorealistic graphics engine.

As part of their partnership, Rototest and IPG Automotive closely collaborate on the optimum integration of the software CarMaker/TestBed as well as Xpack4 real-time hardware with the Rototest propulsion system test benches. They perform coordinated customization and support the commissioning of the interface.

S.E.A. provides customized turnkey test and measurement solutions for communication and electronic/mechatronic systems. One key focus of S.E.A. are test solutions for all aspects of V2X, from RF over protocol up to full ADAS HIL tests. The S.E.A. V2X communication products are based on National Instruments Software Defined Radios as well as GNSS simulation by M3 Systems. Within the partnership with IPG Automotive, CarMaker is used for vehicle and traffic simulation, which complements the overall concept of integrated V2X ADAS simulation.

Sanei Co. Ltd. supports customers to efficiently use information system services. Developing 3D CAD software is a key element of their technology. Over the past years, implemented new technologies, such as 3D design using BIM/CIM and the use of 3D road information in autonomous vehicles, are gaining momentum. For automotive-related businesses, Sanei Co. Ltd. provides high-precision 3D road maps (HD maps) that implement virtual orbits (clothoid curves) and support the development of automated driving. Their virtual test course can be used to create road bends, longitudinal slopes and cross slopes, but also to design maps with ultraprecise road surfaces. This road data can be imported in CarMaker and linked to the driving simulator for virtual experiments.

Stähle Robot Systems is a leading global provider of robot and proving ground driving systems for precise, reproducible and automated testing of vehicles and vehicle components. Designed for seamless use, the software “STAEHLE DRIVERMODULE“ as well as the “AUTOPILOT GUI” serve to perform development, exhaust gas and homologation driving cycles. In collaboration with IPG Automotive, a direct high-performance tool interface with the CarMaker product family was developed. This allows the seamless use of the same cycle driver with its various human driving styles throughout all development stages (MIL, SIL, HIL and test bed) as with the driving robot on the chassis dynamometer.

Synopsys Inc. Logo

Synopsys develops QTronic Virtual ECU Silver, the leading platform for building and executing virtual ECUs (vECUs). The scope of vECUs ranges from pure application software to full target chip simulation including a virtual operating system on a Windows PC. The collaboration with IPG Automotive encompasses the development of the interface between Silver and the CarMaker product family. This enables the integration of one or several Silver vECUs into the CarMaker simulation environment for function development, validation and testing under real driving conditions.

TraceTronic develops tools which focus on the automated testing and highly efficient validation of automotive software. The TraceTronic toolchain consisting of ECU-TEST, TRACE-CHECK and TEST-GUIDE allows to automatically evaluate scenario-based tests with IPG Automotive's CarMaker product family and to analyze them graphically. The resulting solutions offer continuous testing ranging from MIL, SIL and HIL to vehicle tests.

UNIGINE is a global company focused on real-time 3D technologies, delivering powerful B2B and B2C solutions for simulation, visualization, scientific research, video games, virtual reality systems, and more. UNIGINE has received worldwide acclaim for developing its proprietary 3D visualization system. IPG Automotive and UNIGINE cooperate to bring photorealistic 3D visualization into the professional simulation and training systems for autonomous vehicles, ADAS, powertrain, and vehicle dynamics.

XPLM – the Experts in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) work with IPG Automotive on the connection of the CarMaker product family to leading PLM solutions. The connection to existing PLM systems using an integrated tool interface is designed for user-friendly model and simulation data management for model-based engineering (MBE) within the vehicle development process.

IDAJ is one of the leading companies in the fields of model-based development (MBD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE), and the distributor of GT-SUITE and modeFRONTIER in Japan, China, Korea and other countries.

The CarMaker vehicle model is part of an integrated solution provided by the company, which also encompasses the GT-SUITE engine model and modeFRONTIER control parameters for optimization.


It is easier to achieve common goals together. For this reason, it is essential for us to foster and expand our network. Therefore, we have taken up the following memberships.