Full system validation

After testing the individual modules (perception and localization, decision-making and motion planning, motion control), it is also possible to validate the complete system using simulation: either only with software tests or also with hardware components such as real-life sensors and processors. To gather the necessary information, it is essential to have high-speed, realistic sensor models and vehicle dynamics models along with complex simulation scenarios to master.

Your benefits at a glance

Complete simulation environment from a single source

Vehicle, sensor models and environment simulation

Physical validity

Tried-and-true vehicle dynamics and sensor models with various levels of complexity

Flexible and optimized scenario generation

Manual and automatic setup using various data sources, compatibility with ASAM OpenDRIVE & OpenSCENARIO


Determinism and reproducibility

Precise reproducibility of simulation scenarios

Flexibility in applications

Platform independence: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu
Hardware validation using HIL and VIL

Efficiency and scalability

Best-in-class performance, real-time capability as well as parallelization on local clusters and clouds



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