Case studies

Motorcycle IPG Movie simulation

A first in the motorcycle sector – brake systems with hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Tests accompanying the development pose specific challenges for the test drive regarding safety and space requirements for measurement technology. Errors in vehicle dynamics control functions are a significant risk for test drivers in the two-wheeler sector. When developing brake control unit for two-wheelers, Continental Engineering Services GmbH (CES) now makes use of the hardware-in-the-loop experience from the automotive sector.

Application of quality assurance for virtual vehicle development

In particular, with advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions spreading the effort in their development continues to grow and it has become almost impossible to perform all relevant test cases in real-world test drives using physical prototypes. Virtual prototypes open up the possibility of massively reducing this effort in order to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of vehicle development. For us Groupe PSA gives insights into their quality assurance framework for virtual prototype development.

car in front of a yellow background
Motorcycle graphic

More stability with MotorcycleMaker

The experts from the Italian engineering firm Soluzioni Ingegneria have investigated the conditions under which critical instabilities occur when riding a motorcycle and how they can be avoided. Their research has resulted in control technology for a semi-active damper system. Its effectiveness has been validated in virtual test driving with MotorcycleMaker.

The electric vehicle that plans ahead - Assistance systems for an efficient use of energy in electric vehicles

As part of the joint project "Assistance systems for an efficient use of energy in electric vehicles", the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, studied whether the energy efficiency of an electric vehicle can be increased by using detailed map data as a basis for the longitudinal control and the behavior of the vehicle.

ADAS simulation in CarMaker testrun
simulation radar sensor in CarMaker testrun

Virtual radar sensor with characteristic properties

Rain, glare or dirt – factors any driver is familiar with as interfering with the perception of the environment affect sensors as well. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have to cope with them and initiate vital actions in spite of faulty sensor data. Researchers from the Institute for Automotive Engineering of TU Graz together with Magna Steyr Engineering developed a radar sensor model that realistically simulates the sensor properties.

Hands off, eyes off, mind off: New validation possibilities for ADAS and autonomous functions at PSA Groupe

PSA is making great strides towards autonomous driving. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which are comprehensively validated in real-world and virtual test driving, are paving the way. An essential element in the validation chain at PSA is vehicle-in-the-loop testing.

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