Scenario RRR

Generation of scenarios and variations


The number of software-driven vehicle components and assistance systems in the development of automated and autonomous driving functions is increasing. This results in a high validation effort for the functional safety of these systems. Numerous scenarios need to be tested for validation. The increased use of simulation software allows scenarios to be varied at will. For digital testing and validation tailored to your needs, a large amount of data with different formats must be made accessible.


In order to provide maximum support for the automated creation of scenarios, we have developed the toolbox Scenario RRR which helps to generate scenarios from different types of input data, for example raw sensor measurement data or object lists from perception functions. Furthermore, the toolbox enables the import of data from accident databases (PCM format) into the simulation environment CarMaker.

Your benefits at a glance

Package for scenario-based testing

Real-time capable models of the vehicle, road, driver and traffic enable a realistic virtualization of test scenarios

Flexible use of numerous data formats

Easy integration into a toolbox to use a variety of scenario descriptions for simulation

Automated data generation

Convert different data into a consistent data format

Record – Open interface

  • Automatic generation of Replay scenarios from different, customer-specific data sources
  • Flexible adaptation to individual data and data formats
  • Variable adaptation of input data

Replay – Scenario generation

  • Automated generation of Replay scenarios from different recorded data sources
  • Functions to adjust and extend the data, e.g. to filter, merge or extract object movements
  • Easy duplication of scenarios by changing the perspective of the simulated ego vehicle
real scenario vs. virtual scenario
scenario diagram

Rearrange – Maneuver extraction

  • Use maneuver extraction to provide logical scenarios
  • Representation of the scenario description with mini maneuvers for all objects in the scenario
  • Generate your own logical scenarios

Access to HD-maps

  • Merging data from other sources across tests in case of insufficient recording data of individual tests for the evaluation

Automation and integration

  • Integration of our solutions into customer-specific databases and existing processes for scenario generation and management as well as result management

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