Test bench of the future

CarMaker enables to meet future testing challenges with a holistic vehicle simulation.

Besides the purely mechanical and sequence-controlled powertrain testing, vehicle integration plays an increasingly important role. In a first step, the rig-to-rig approach facilitates the transfer of chassis test bench tests to the engine or powertrain test bench. With the road-to-rig approach, real driving scenarios can be simulated on any type of test bench. This enables the emulation of a GNSS signal or the integration of ADAS and AV HILs for sensor emulation for example.

Your benefits at a glance

Reduced costs

Moving testing from the road to the office or lab

Short iteration cycles

Fast and flexible adaptation of test scenarios

Ready to run

Turnkey solutions from a single source


Early integration of virtual and real powertrain systems in a complete vehicle environment

Easy handling of vehicle prototypes

Realistic testing of vehicle prototypes without registration

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