Flexible real-time hardware platform with multi-IO connectivity

Xpack4 technology

The flexible Xpack4 system can be used stationary or mobile thanks to its modular design. Different single board computers, modules, carrier boards, housings and complements enable the setup of customized hardware platforms.

The system obtains its specific IO and bus functionality by using specific interface cards (modules) and respective carrier boards. When building the systems, we use standard components from the aerospace, railway and automotive industry as well as our long-standing expertise to offer our customers a comprehensive hardware portfolio. Furthermore, current single board computers are the foundation for the connection to CarMaker and the implementation of virtual test driving. Short IO access times and broadband data interfaces emphasize the performance of the Xpack4 technology in a HIL environment.

Individual design

F23P00: Dual-Core Celeron Single Board Computer für 19" und RoadBox

F23P01: Quad-Core i7 single-board computer for 19" and RoadBox

PC7: Quad-Core Xeon single-board computer

ISC-1: Internal Side Card 1

cPCI 5x GigEthernet Interface

EtherCAT Slave Card

FlexCard PMC II Xenomai

ISC-1: Internal Side Card

M27: 16 binary outputs, low side switch

M28: 16 binary outputs, high side switch

M31: 16 binary inputs, load on ground

M32: 16 binary inputs, load on supply voltage

M35N00: 16 analog inputs, 14 bits, single-ended

M35N02: 8 analog inputs, 14 bits, differential

M36N00: 16 analog inputs, 16 bits, single-ended

M36N01: 8 analog inputs, 16 bits, differential

M43: Relay outputs

M62N: 16 analog outputs

M66: 32 binary in/outputs

M77N: Quad RS232/RS422/RS485 UART

M81: 16 binary outputs

M400: Active wheelspeed generator

M401-01: Frequency generator and meter

M402: Engine signal generator

M403: Engine signal meter

M404: Waveform generator

M405: LIN

M406: PSI5 interface

M407: SPI interface

M408: Universal digital and PWM input

M409: Power supply control


M411: High-speed power monitor and data logger

M412: Park sensor simulation

M413: (De)Multiplexer/Switcher

M414: SENT modules with SPC support

M415: Motor encoder interface module

M416: DSI3 Interface

M440: Programmable resistor

M441: Universal digital and PWM output

D1000: cPCI carrier board for 4 modules (for 19" subrack)

F205: Carrier board (e.g. for RoadBox)

F213: PMC carrier board (e.g. for FlexCard for 19" subrack und RoadBox)

F1001: cPCI carrier board for 1 module (e.g. for NI systems)


RoadBox: Compact chassis, 7 slots for 3U cPCI boards, height 4U

Subrack 5: 19" subrack, 5 slots for 6U cPCI boards, height 3U

Subrack 8: 19" subrack, 8 slots for 6U cPCI boards, height 4U

Subrack 14: 19" subrack, 14 slots for 6U cPCI boards, height 8U



Our simulation software CarMaker enables comprehensive model testing on hardware.


The embedded software solution RealtimeMaker enables test automation as well as the control of Xpack4 hardware components, Fail Safe Tester and real-time applications. As a generic integration platform, RealtimeMaker offers the possibility to integrate software and developed models to test them on real-time hardware. Signal-based tests can therefore be realized open loop.

Your benefits at a glance


Different modules and carrier boards enable specific IO and bus functionality


Standard industrial component and long-standing expertise


Short IO access times and broadband data interfaces


Components can be replaced or expanded at any time by future developments


Various housing sizes for optimized design space requirements


Support of a broad range of automotive and industry standards


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