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Powertrain technologies: System-driven development and tests


The transportation industry is undergoing a fundamental shift: The trend in the development of powertrain systems is moving away from fossil fuels and toward promising alternatives, such as green energy, hydrogen and e-fuels. As a crucial technology for the future, complex powertrain technologies and their effects have to be considered from a holistic and cross-domain perspective. Battery electric vehicles have been established on the market; at the same time, vehicles that run with e-fuel powered internal combustion engines, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are still viable options. Therefore, the challenge is to provide fitting solutions for a variety of powertrain concepts matched to the appropriate level of electrification.


System integration, virtual validation, and agile, software-driven development processes all play an important role in finding the right solutions. Using IPG Automotive's end-to-end solutions, powertrain systems can be calibrated, tested and validated within the context of the full vehicle – and this can be done early on with synthetic or real-life test scenarios. Testing no longer needs to take place on the road; it can be done in a comfortable office or lab environment. The advantage of this approach is that fewer real vehicle prototypes are needed, which saves time and costs while maintaining the same high-quality standards.

Your benefits at a glance

Short iteration cycles

Fast and flexible adaptation of test scenarios

High scalability of software tests

Test automation and High Performance Computing (HPC)


Early integration of virtual and real powertrain systems in a complete vehicle environment

Reduced costs

Moving tests from the road to the office or lab

Complexity management

Full control across all variants of driving scenarios


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