Process-supporting solutions, detailed models or road parameterization tools: The software solutions from the CarMaker product family offer a variety of extensions to support specific requirements. Our add-ons allow to overcome challenges in the development process and can be tailored to individual use cases.

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Physical Sensor Models

The Physical Sensor Models add-on offers detailed physical sensor models for all standard vehicle technologies related to environment perception: camera, radar, lidar and ultrasonic. The access to the raw data allows to model perception algorithms and the entire signal chain up to the object list in the simulation environment. Together with the ideal and phenomenological sensor models from the CarMaker product family, they create a powerful and complete package for simulation-assisted development and testing of modern ADAS and autonomous driving functions.

HERE Map Interface

Whether single freeway sections or entire city road networks are needed – the HERE Map Interface allows routes to be imported into the simulation environment from the map services HD Live Map and ADAS RP provided by HERE Maps. In addition to the course of the route, including lane information and the elevation profile, details such as traffic signs and the position of traffic lights are also incorporated, if provided in the maps. Building virtual scenarios based on existing roads in the real world therefore becomes easy.

Sim Net

CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker enable the simulation of a detailed vehicle model including our driver model IPGDriver. Other road users are represented by simplified vehicle models. The Sim Net add-on is a suitable solution for use cases such as platooning or V2X that require multiple detailed vehicle models. Sim Net also allows for joint simulation and interaction of multiple vehicle models that are fully equipped with sensors and controlled by our driver model. The interaction of different vehicle types such as trucks and motorcycles is also possible without having to sacrifice the proven quality of our vehicle models.

RDX Test Generator

The RDX Test Generator enables the generation of RDE tests in straightforward reproducible real driving test scenarios, taking adjustable driver behavior and traffic density into account. This allows to evaluate emissions and consumption during real operation as well as to optimize the propulsion system at an early stage.

GPS recordings of real-world RDE routes, ROAD5 road networks from real map data or synthetically generated road networks can be used as a basis. This add-on generates suitable speed targets that can be parameterized seamlessly according to the personality of the driver regarding dynamics, energy efficiency and nervousness. Representative traffic scenarios enable the testing of different RDE compliant situations and corner cases without previous measurements on the road or real test runs in the development process. The RDX Test Generator allows for evaluations according to Euro 6d RDE requirements and is part of the TestBed product line from IPG Automotive.

RDX Test Generator Graphic
PTV Vissim Interface graphic

Vissim Interface

The interface for the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim combines the realistic full-vehicle behavior, the versatile model integration options and the sensor modeling from CarMaker with the traffic behavior model from PTV Vissim, comprising the control of traffic lights and pedestrians.

Virtual test tracks including lane, line and road elevation profiles can be generated using the Scenario Editor in CarMaker and converted to the PTV Vissim data format. The configuration of the traffic behavior and the traffic lights is subsequently carried out in PTV Vissim. The positions of the dynamic traffic objects are transferred to CarMaker, which enables the virtual prototype to constantly interact with the modeled traffic objects in complex traffic scenarios. Advanced driver assistance systems and highly automated driving functions in particular can therefore be tested virtually and in depth up to the release. Both programs enable the individual parameterization and reproducible simulation of complex scenarios.

Test Ware Package NCAP & UNECE

The Test Ware Package NCAP & UNECE is a software package for the testing and automated evaluation of ADAS functions as required by the Euro and China NCAP protocols. This includes checking the conformity of performed tests according to the specifications, evaluating the results and calculating the required evaluation parameters as well as the classification in the evaluation system from which the number of awarded stars results. In addition, the package also includes tests according to ALKS and ELKS regulations.

The rigid definitions of the test requirements for the proving ground can be flexibly modified in the simulation for a quick change of test patterns. Via signal mapping, the configuration of the NCAP & UNECE test catalog can easily be adapted for use on different test systems. All future updates of the NCAP protocols will be adopted by the Test Ware Package NCAP & UNECE.

KnC Data Converter

With the KnC Data Converter kinematics and compliance measurement data from the vehicle can quickly and automatically be transferred into CarMaker axle models. A well-structured user interface facilitates the import of the measurement data generated with the MTS and Anthony Best Dynamics test benches and the generation of the correct parameterization for CarMaker. Kinematics and compliance data from other simulation programs (SimPack, ADAMS) can also be converted.

ADAMS Data Converter

With the ADAMS Data Converter, the data from the full-vehicle models build in Adams/Car can simply be converted into CarMaker vehicle models. Even though the focus lies on the extraction of kinematics and compliance characteristics of the vehicle axles, the converter aims at creating a complete virtual prototype. Afterwards, it may be used directly for virtual test driving in CarMaker.

Adams Converter CarMaker Add on

CarSim Data Converter

The CarSim Data Converter automatically creates an equivalent for the CarMaker simulation environment based on the CarSim data sets. Any additional CarMaker functions may be added afterwards.


The virtual K&C test bench IPGKinematics is a great solution for the development of suspensions or the optimization of already existing axle designs. This software allows to simulate all vehicle axles and to exactly calculate the deflection-dependent kinematics, steering kinematics as well as compliance. The extensive range of vehicle axles is continuously adapted. Customer-specific axle types or particular construction forms can be developed upon request as well. All axle types are parameterized as detailed non-linear multibody systems and easy to modify with regard to stiffness, attenuation or weight. The results allow for straightforward analysis, and can be reused in the full vehicle simulation with CarMaker or TruckMaker if necessary.

MBS Axles

With our collection of detailed and real-time capable MBS axles for the CarMaker simulation environment, different axle types can be analyzed effectively and early on in a single tool. In combination with our tool for test automation, Test Manager, and the possibility to link common design of experiment tools to it, performing axle optimizations becomes incredibly efficient. The MBS axles can be used for detailed analysis of vehicle handling in the context of the full vehicle. Interactions between the axle and other vehicle subsystems such as steering, including EPS ECU or tires, are considered as well.

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