Autonomous vehicles: Development of autonomous driving functions with simulation


Autonomous driving functions must ensure safety at all times – even in the most unlikely traffic conditions, and for every weather and time of day. That is why simulation is undoubtedly an important and necessary aspect of development and testing processes. The key to gaining the desired information therefore lies in realistic simulations, flexible applications, efficient scenario generation as well as scalability and performance of testing and analysis.


Using our simulation solutions, it is possible to effectively overcome challenges in the following areas: perception, decision-making  and motion control, as well as full system validation. Whether it is requirements analysis, software testing and training, or the integration of electronic control units and test systems into the simulation, we offer the tools, know-how and services to make the most of all the possibilities that simulations have to offer.

Your benefits at a glance

Complete simulation environment from a single source

Vehicle, sensor models and environment simulation

Determinism and reproducibility

Precise reproducibility of simulation scenarios

Flexible and optimized scenario generation

Manual and automatic setup using various data sources, compatibility with ASAM OpenDRIVE & OpenSCENARIO

Physical validity

Tried-and-true vehicle dynamics and sensor models with various levels of complexity

Flexibility in applications

Seamless utilization in the entire development process

Efficiency and scalability

Best-in-class performance, real-time capability as well as scalability on local clusters and clouds


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