SensInject: Easy integration of raw sensor data into test processes

SensInject is a hardware product from IPG Automotive used to feed raw sensor data directly to electronic control units. Our experts configure the product and tailor it to our customers’ individual use cases.

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What is SensInject?

  • The product name SensInject combines the words “sensor(s)” and “(to) inject” and therefore stands for the injection of different sensor types into control units.
  • The hardware solution SensInject allows to insert raw sensor data into one or more control units.
  • With the direct injection of raw camera, radar or lidar data for instance, ADAS and AD functions including perception and localization can be tested and validated efficiently.

Who benefits from SensInject?

  • Perception and localization software developers
  • ADAS and automated driving function developers
  • Users who apply a multitude of camera, radar and lidar sensors simultaneously in development and test processes
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Why SensInject?

  • SensInject enables the direct injection of different raw sensor data (camera, radar, lidar) into control units.
  • SensInject allows to perform deterministic and reproducible functionality tests to validate safety-critical systems.
  • Fast and targeted robustness tests can be performed with direct error injection.
  • A modular, configurable hardware setup ensures flexible use.
  • Additionally, common interfaces (e.g. FPD-Link, GMSL, 1G/10G Ethernet, Automotive Ethernet and MIPI CSI-2) guarantee an easy integration into the test system.

How can SensInject be used?

  • SensInject can be used to validate sensor information in real time.
  • With SensInject, automated driving functions can be developed, tested and validated using the replay approach.
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Your benefits at a glance


Work with various sensor types such as radar, camera or lidar

Ease of use

Direct integration of any type of raw sensor data

High flexibility

Easily expand and adapt the modular system

Excellent performance

More tests in a shorter time by integrating various sensor data simultaneously


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