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Optimized cooperation

Autonomous vehicles and the increasing networking of systems have an impact on the vehicle development process. With simulation solutions, systems can be tested at an early stage and in the context of the full vehicle. This front-loading approach accelerates the development process and simplifies cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers.


As a development partner, we work closely with our customers and incorporate our many years of experience in simulation projects. We demonstrate how simulation influences the approaches to development and how development can be made more agile.

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Tailored advice

There is no doubt that virtual test driving increase efficiency: In comparison to vehicle development with physical prototypes, customers save time and costs. As an expert for virtual test driving, we offer tailored support. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the most out of virtual test driving.

Functional safety

With our seamless solutions we support customers in the development of safety-critical systems. We offer advice to our customers on how to meet the requirements of functional safety according to ISO 26262 and safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) according to ISO 21448 in their development processes with our solutions and products.

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