Camera-in-the-Loop: Test camera sensors over the air

Camera-in-the-Loop is a test system from IPG Automotive used to test real camera sensors in a virtual environment. The test system is optimized for the CarMaker product family and our experts configure it individually.

What is Camera-in-the-Loop?

  • Camera-in-the-Loop is a test system for camera sensors in virtual test driving
  • With a monitor or projector, real camera sensors are stimulated over the air (OTA) to detect obstacles in the simulation environment
  • As an alternative to Camera-in-the-Loop, raw camera data can also be fed directly to the ECU with SensInject

Who benefits from Camera-in-the-Loop?

  • Test teams working in HIL and VIL environments (or on proving grounds).
  • ADAS and automated driving function developers.
  • Users who apply camera sensors in development and test processes.

Why Camera-in-the-Loop?

  • Camera-in-the-Loop enables reliable testing and validation of driving functions with camera sensors
  • With Camera-in-the-Loop, camera sensors can be tested virtually OTA in the hardware-in-the-loop environment
  • Camera-in-the-Loop offers a specialized solution, in particular to test front cameras

How can Camera-in-the-Loop be used?

  • With Camera-in-the-Loop, camera functions can be tested individually or together with ADAS or EV ECUs
  • Camera-in-the-Loop tests camera functions such as object recognition (road markings or road users among other things), object categorization or sensor data fusion

Your benefits at a glance

Ease of use

Quick test setup

Mobile use

Not a stationary test bench, but a test setup that is easy to transport

Fast results

Fast application of the test system and release of camera-based driving functions


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