Video Interface Box X

Video Interface Box X Vorderansicht

Tests of camera-based systems made easy through direct injection of image data

The Video Interface Box X (VIB X) enables the direct injection of raw sensor data into camera ECUs. For this, the ECU is disconnected from the image sensor of the camera. In the next step, the image sensor is replaced by the Video Interface Box X. Using a high-performance graphics card, the raw data from the camera provided by the Camera RSI is generated from a simulated scenario and transferred to the Video Interface Box X via the DisplayPort output. The Camera RSI acts as a component of the CarMaker add-on Physical Sensor Models. The parameterization of the target format, including distortion features of the camera lens, is performed with the sensor dialogue in CarMaker. For visualization, IPGMovie and from CarMaker 10.0 onwards Movie NX are available.

In the FPGA of the Video Interface Box X, raw image data are converted into signals that correspond the real-world sensor, enhanced with real-time critical metadata and fed into the ECU via a suitable hardware interface. By utilizing powerful hardware, a low latency is achieved. Up to four cameras may be emulated. The Video Interface Box X therefore integrates perfectly into the HIL test setup from IPG Automotive. The Xpack4 system is an ideal complement to this hardware.

Your benefits at a glance

Easy testing of camera systems

Ultra/super wide-angle lenses (fisheye lens) optional

Compact hardware

Realistic rendition

Display of the full dynamic range of the real-world camera

Synchronization to DUT

Consistent test data and avoidance of false detections

Adaptable emulation of the camera sensor

Embedded data and bidirectional I2C communication

Control of functions and loading of updates and user codes

Via Ethernet

Support of standard interfaces

E.g. FPDL and GMSL

Ease of use

No efforts for orientation, calibration, additional lenses or shielding from ambient light needed

Individual adjustments

Modular design

Integration into toolchain from IPG Automotive

Technical data

Adjustable parameters

VIB X API - graphical user interface:

  • Imager emulation initialization of the serializer
  • Video-Output Format
    • Resolution
    • Horizontal blanking timings
    • Vertical blanking timings
  • Embedded data values

 VIB X menu - system setting:

  • Pixel clock frequency

Emulated imager

ON Semiconductor:

  • ASX340, AR0220AT, AR0132AT,
  • AR0138AT, AR0143AT, AR0231AT


  • OV9716, OV0X3A, OV10635, OV10640,
  • OV10642
Power supply:
  • 100–240V, 50/60Hz 
Temp. Range:
  • 0°–55°C
  • 220 x 177 x 44mm (W x D H)
  • DisplayPort with up to 8.64 Gbit/s
  • up to 4 cameras (channels) per Video Interface Box X, 8.64 Gbit/s per VIB X unit
Contrast range:
  • > 8 bits per pixel
  • VIBX_FPDL_933, Serializer TI DS90UB933,
  • VIBX_FPDL_953, Serializer TI DS90UB953,
  • VIBX_GMSL_9295, Serializer Maxim MAX9295,
  • VIBX_GMSL_96705, Serializer Maxim MAX96705
  • Realization of all optical effects in IPGMovie and MovieNX (lenses, color filters, etc.)
  • Less than 50 μs without buffering


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