IPG Automotive UK: A virtual driving force in the region

Since establishing the region in 2019 Managing Director Elliot Hemes has brought together a specialist team of dynamic professionals from all over the UK. The hybrid working team meet up regularly in UK headquarters which has a suite of offices in Blythe Valley Innovation Centre. Purposely situated in Solihull in the West Midlands due to the region being well established in automotive innovation and one that is quickly becoming a specialist in emerging future mobility technologies.

The diverse team consists of Leadership, Development (Web-Applications), Sales and Application Engineering departments and unites colleagues from eight different nationalities. The Web-Applications Development team is the largest one outside of our Karlsruhe global headquarters. Since October 2019, we have contributed extensively to the development of VIRTO, our Virtual Vehicle Development Tool Suite comprising different web applications. Additionally, our team also developed CarMaker’s new Instrument Designer.

Over the past three years, we have proudly sponsored the IMechE’s Formula Student competition. During this period, we have maintained a constant presence at Silverstone Motor Circuit during the event, hosting a dedicated static driving simulator stand and offering on-site technical support for the students. We lead IPG Automotive’s Formula CarMaker global social media allowing us to engage with a worldwide audience. Several of our team support as Formula Student Artificial Intelligence (FSAI) static event judges. Our application team is always up for a challenge, creating a brand-new circuit layout every year for the Lap Time Simulation competition, adding an element of unpredictability that tests the student racing teams' adaptability and innovation.

IPG Automotive UK plays a significant role in several government-funded competitions like CCAV (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) projects, MACAM and Connector. The primary aim of these projects is to enhance autonomous vehicle (AV) capabilities and form a critical part of a broader effort to advance the automotive industry, particularly focusing on self-driving technologies.

The whole team prides itself on our relationships with key customers such as JLR, Ford and Haldex. The adage “a team is greater than the sum of its parts” is a principle we firmly uphold as it emphasizes that every team member’s role is crucial in achieving success.

IPG Automotive UK

Since 2019, Managing Director Elliot Hemes has spearheaded a powerhouse of talent at IPG Automotive UK, uniting specialists from across the UK.