Review of our international Open House event series

In the past weeks, our international Open House events in China, France and the US were very successful and provided a platform for innovation, networking and knowledge exchange. The events were dedicated to the 40th anniversary of our company, offering a plethora of activities and interesting presentations.

In addition to the presentation of our new products including VIRTO and the CarMaker product family release 13.0 as highlights of the event series, the subsidiaries also hosted a special exhibition for the company’s 40th anniversary. Visitors were able to experience an impressive retrospective illustrating the development and milestones of our company from its beginnings until today.

Keynote speeches were another important element of our Open House events. Leading industry experts shared their visions and outlooks. They centered around topics such as digitalization, sustainability and the future of the automotive industry. Participants gathered valuable insights from these inspiring presentations, resulting in thought-provoking discussions and impulses.

Next to the exhibition booths from IPG Automotive, our partners also played a vital role. The exhibition included various new solutions and technologies that were developed in collaboration with IPG Automotive. It also exemplified the synergies and the joint innovation efforts created through partnerships. Application examples and success stories from the local markets completed the event: Customers and partners presented different use cases which demonstrated the application possibilities of new products and technologies in practice.

Open House China 2024

Open House France 2024