Using motorsport to inspire engineering students again in 2024

Formula Student is an exciting challenge for university racing teams and uses the thrilling world of motorsport to engage and inspire engineering students.

We have consistently shown our support by sponsoring the competition in the UK for the past three years with an aim to ignite a passion for learning all about virtual vehicle test driving. This approach not only introduces students to vehicle simulation but also immerses them in real-world scenarios, which fosters a deeper understanding, and appreciation for the role vehicle simulation plays within automotive design.

With the benefit of a CarMaker license the engineering students can gain hands-on experience within all the prototypes areas: Formula Student Combustion (FSC), Formula Student Electric (FSE) and Formula Student Autonomous (FSAI).  To date we have 18 university teams that have registered and are benefitting from complimentary CarMaker licenses! Our simulation tool is proving invaluable for teams to develop their vehicles and provide the ability to predict the performance of various vehicle configurations. Along with guiding the whole engineering design process it ensures that their preparation time is well spent and through persistent testing they will be putting their team in the best possible position!

Our Lap Time Simulation Competition continues to be highly popular and the UK region development team are currently working on a brand new circuit for the students to compete on. Each year we work hard to add a few more challenges that test the viability of the students’ vehicles. We continue our support to the students by providing technical assistance to the participating teams through a popular forum and by online webinar training sessions. And of course they can always follow us on our social media channels on Instagram @formulacarmaker and on X @FormulaCarMaker.

The stage is set for 2024, and the countdown has begun.

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Using Motorsport to inspire Engineering Students again in 2024