Welcome to the newest member of our test system family

The use of hardware-in-the-loop systems plays an important role in the automotive industry to make integration tests efficient and save costs. Hardware-in-the-Loop systems offer the potential to perform tests at an early development stage under conditions that are reproducible at all times.

Therefore, we are pleased to present our combined test system as a novelty unifying Brake- and Steering-in-the-Loop. This solution helps to model real brake and steering systems in one event chain and to test them in a highly realistic virtual environment. Simulating the vehicle environment allows to efficiently verify and validate real components under conditions as close to reality as possible in a safe and automatable setting.

The test system Brake-in-the-Loop can be utilized for safety, function or performance requirements and considers the complete brake system. With highly dynamic brake actuators for example, deterministic brake maneuvers can be performed all the way to full emergency braking.

By contrast, Steering-in-the-Loop helps to realize optimization, evaluation and release tests. Physical steering systems can be operated in closed loop as well as in open loop. A highly dynamic steering robot is available for precise and reproducible steering angle inputs. In addition, you can experience the steering performance and improve handling and comfort with the Driver-in-the-Loop add-on.

We designed the combined test system in a way that Brake- and Steering-in-the-Loop can be used in parallel or in sequence. It unifies all benefits of individual systems while modeling the entire event chain at the same time. We are convinced that this solution is a decisive advantage for our customers and supports the efficient design and implementation of integration tests in the domain of brake and steering systems.