Battery-Related Testing for EV Simulation When Needed

A CarMaker Extension As-A-Service for Battery-Related Testing

Vehicle testing in the field of electrified powertrains is becoming more and more complex, the number of test cases increases continuously and test requirements are shifting from basic single object tests to scenario-based testing. To master these challenges, it is crucial to merge simulation and battery related testing and to apply an automated toolchain that is able to process the immense workload. This will close the gap between total EV simulation and testing on battery level.

The battery system HiL for CarMaker can be used as-a-service when needed. The setup will enable a seamless workflow from electric vehicle simulation to battery related software testing.

The toolchain encompasses scenario planning and test runs with varying parameters of any battery system as well as advanced scenarios in IPG Automotive’s simulation software. Battery management functions and related safety functions can be directly tested in the overall setup. The battery architecture including Battery Management System, Battery Cells, CMBs as well as safety related hardware like pyro-fuse will be linked through an Pass Testing Solutions API to the CarMaker. Failures simulated at the battery level by fault injection could be qualified at the total vehicle level or powertrain level. The joint toolchain also provides standardized interfaces to transfer test data into any data analysis software after test execution and to feed data back into simulation and/or battery software testing.

With this new toolchain, IPG Automotive and Pass Testing Solutions offer users the possibility to prepare and carry out vehicle tests for electrified powertrains much more efficiently. The solution aims at saving costs and time in the vehicle development process and raises the simulation quality for total electric vehicle validation and testing.