Road to Lab

Validation of ADAS/AD Functions in Automotive with Real Sensors

Creating safe and robust automated driving systems for future vehicles is a complex task. Autonomous vehicles have hundreds of sensors that all need to work in concert within the car and with other smart vehicles in their surrounding environment. The software algorithms enabling autonomous driving features will ultimately need to synthesize all the information collected from these sensors to ensure the vehicle responds appropriately.

These algorithms require testing against millions of complex scenes covering a wide variety of driving scenarios. You need to be able to sign off on new ADAS and AV functionality confidently.

Keysight Technologies has introduced the Radar Scene Emulator (RSE) which tests the performance and response of radar-based ADAS/AD software against complex scenarios in a lab environment that includes near and far targets across a contiguous field of view (FOV).
The RSE provides a deterministic environment for in-lab testing of complex scenes that today can be tested only on the road, if at all. It enables accelerated learning of ADAS/AD algorithms by testing decisions earlier against complex, repeatable, high-density scenes, with objects either stationary or in motion.