CarMaker for Vehicle Dynamics and Virtual Prototypes


This course is also available as “TruckMaker for Vehicle Dynamics and Virtual Prototypes” which explicitly covers the vehicle model of TruckMaker and its heavy-duty vehicle-specific models. For more information, please contact us at info(at)


Prior participation in a CarMaker User Training or, at a minimum, relevant experience with CarMaker

Course information

Course outline:

  • Use of CarMaker to develop and test chassis, vehicle systems as well as suspension control systems
  • Generation of (scenario-based) test cases for vehicle dynamics applications
  • Parameterizing and validating the vehicle model for your particular use case – focus: components and models for suspension including MBS axles and tires
  • Introduction to use of virtual prototypes
  • Generation of test cases for vehicle dynamics applications: Generation of ROAD5 road models and the environment using the Scenario Editor and maneuver definition
  • Basics of IPGDriver functionalities that are specific to vehicle dynamics applications
  • Virtual prototype validation methods

Target audience:

Simulation engineers in the field of vehicle development

  • Working on the optimization of suspension and chassis
  • Who develop and tune vehicle control systems
  • Responsible for the (central) validation and supply of vehicle models
  • Analyzing the influence of ADAS on full vehicle handling 


IPG Automotive in Karlsruhe or at your premises

This training course is also available as an online training.


1 day (On-site training courses take place on two days online)

Current dates:

June 18, 2024 - online
October 17, 2024 - online

On request


704,00€ plus VAT / per person