IPG Automotive and Foretellix to Offer a High Scale Virtual Solution for the Validation of ADAS and AV

Foretellix, a leading ADAS and AV verification and validation platform provider, and IPG Automotive, a leading virtual vehicle simulation provider for ADAS and automated driving systems, are strengthening their cooperation to bring a comprehensive solution that will reduce development costs and time to market and increase the safety of automated driving systems.

Combining Foretellix’s Foretify verification and validation platform with IPG Automotive’s virtual vehicle simulation environment CarMaker yields a solution that can be rapidly deployed by ADAS/AD development teams. The combined toolchain enables large-scale virtual testing to accelerate the development and deployment of ADAS/AD systems. In comparison to real-world testing, bugs and edge cases are discovered faster, reducing costs and time to market.

Foretify determines, generates, and optimizes the set of test scenarios needed to ensure test coverage for the user’s ADAS/AD stack. It orchestrates the execution of the scenarios and interfaces with CarMaker, which runs each of the tests in a highly realistic simulation environment. CarMaker provides the high-fidelity virtual vehicle, sensors, traffic objects and 3D environment. CarMaker can run significantly faster than real time with minimal resources in HPC environments. Deployment of the combined solution in the cloud provides flexible simulation options, enables agile software development methods and is readily integrated into CI/CT processes.

“Foretellix is excited to partner with IPG Automotive, a leader in virtual simulation, to bring our mutual customers a comprehensive validation solution for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Our joint solution supports the large-scale testing and validation required to ensure the safety and efficient operation of these advanced systems while providing our customers with a substantial reduction in cost and time to market,” said Udi Jacobi, VP Global Sales and Business Development of Foretellix.

''Foretify is an industry-leading platform for ADAS and autonomous systems validation and verification. CarMaker is a scalable simulation environment for ADAS/AD development. This is a proven combination that enables developers with one of the most advanced toolchains available to accelerate the development and deployment of ADAS and automated driving systems, delivering results today,” says Martin Elbs, Senior Vice President and CCO at IPG Automotive.

IPG Automotive and Foretellix partner up to accelerate the development and deployment of ADAS and AD systems.