New Partnership with 3D Expert UNIGINE Allows for Photorealistic Visualizations in the Simulation Solution CarMaker

Since May of this year, IPG Automotive has been cooperating with the company UNIGINE

The cooperation with UNIGINE, a company specialized in visualization of projects in real-time 3D, enables the combination of high visual quality with professional simulation and training functions of the CarMaker product family.

The integration of the new UNIGINE 2 rendering engine in the successor of the 3D visualization tool IPGMovie, MovieNX, enables visually even more impressive and technically advanced test scenarios. “We are very pleased to cooperate with UNIGINE, our new partner for visualization”, states Steffen Schmidt, Managing Director at IPG Automotive. “The new MovieNX emphasizes our goal: creating a digital model of the real test drive in a highly realistic and reproducible way. It is our response to the ever-growing validation efforts necessary in vehicle development, especially in the area of autonomous driving.”

With these photorealistic 3D visualizations, simulating virtual scenarios in high resolution becomes a reality. Special weather and lighting conditions such as fog, a low sun in the sky, reflections or artificial light in the dark can be simulated in real-time and HDR. As MovieNX becomes a regular feature of the CarMaker product family, OEMs and suppliers can test camera-based advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions at a whole new level, as well as train and validate algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to the openness and seamlessness of the CarMaker product family, entire camera systems can easily be integrated and reproducible tests of autonomous driving scenarios performed via corresponding interfaces.

“IPG Automotive has identified a requirement to complement the virtual test driving product line with high-quality real-time 3D visualization, and we are pleased to aid them with the UNIGINE 2 Sim platform. It should be noted that the use of photorealistic and physically correct 3D visualization is especially important in light of the latest trends in the automotive industry - the development of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles,” said Denis Shergin, founder and CEO of UNIGINE.

Movie NX Testscenario 3D

With the integration of the UNIGINE 2 rendering engine, photorealistic visualizations in MovieNX enable even more visually impressive and technically advanced test scenarios.