VIRTO.MODEL for a user-friendly software infrastructure

VIRTO.MODEL centrally manages all software and simulation models that are part of the vehicle development process. The app was developed for easy, open and traceable integration of vehicle software and makes sure the right software is used at the right time.

Who benefits from VIRTO.MODEL?

Development teams that want to design their processes with a user-friendly software infrastructure and make sure that the right software is combined with the right simulation model and used at the right time.

Insights into the product

VIRTO.MODEL manages the ECU software and simulation models centrally. The app is part of our cloud-based and modular app suite VIRTO. Combine VIRTO.MODEL with a variety of other apps to safeguard a seamless process for virtual vehicle development.

How can VIRTO.MODEL be used?

  • VIRTO.MODEL can be used by small teams as well as large development organizations
  • VIRTO.MODEL can be installed on any computing cluster or in your own cloud
  • VIRTO.MODEL is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere
  • VIRTO.MODEL can be adapted to your environment

Use cases

Storage of physics-based system models for software controllers

Support for different model formats

Management of model versions

Storage of specific vehicle calibrations


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