VIRTO.RESULT for reliable result management

With VIRTO.RESULT, all results from virtual test campaigns are stored centrally. The app was developed to analyze results and to generate KIP evaluations on individual user dashboards.

Who benefits from VIRTO.RESULT?

Development teams that want to work reliably with transparent and traceable test results without having to deal with the administrative processing of test results.

Insights into the product

VIRTO.RESULT simplifies the management of all virtual test results. The app is part of our cloud-based and modular app suite VIRTO. Combine VIRTO.RESULT with a variety of other apps to safeguard a seamless process for virtual vehicle development.

How can VIRTO.RESULT be used?

  • VIRTO.RESULT can be used by small teams as well as large development organizations
  • VIRTO.RESULT can be installed on any computing cluster or in your own cloud
  • VIRTO.RESULT is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere
  • VIRTO.RESULT can be adapted to your environment

Use cases

Storage and collection of all test results

Creation of user-friendly dashboards

Assembly of important KPI data

Analysis of all data from the simulation toolchain


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