VIRTO.SCENE for structured scenario management

With VIRTO.SCENE, all test scenarios required for virtual vehicle development are stored centrally. The app was developed to create a searchable as well as version-controlled scenario database.

Who benefits from VIRTO.SCENE?

Development teams that want to avoid duplication of effort in their virtual vehicle development process, especially when designing test scenarios. Anybody who values robust virtual detection events that are easy to generate and access.

Insights into the product

VIRTO.SCENE simplifies the management of scenario data. The app is part of our cloud-based and modular app suite VIRTO. Combine VIRTO.SCENE with a variety of other apps to safeguard a seamless process for virtual vehicle development.

How can VIRTO.SCENE be used?

  • VIRTO.SCENE can be used by small teams as well as large development organizations
  • VIRTO.SCENE can be installed on any computing cluster or in your own cloud
  • VIRTO.SCENE is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere
  • VIRTO.SCENE can be adapted to your environment

Use cases

Setup of a scenario database

Generation of links between frequently used roads and scenarios

Storage of additional scenario-related files

Browse through scenarios based on automatically generated metadata

Integration with other tools via a REST-API


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