Compared to the Steering-in-the-Loop test system, EPS-in-the-Loop is suitable for customers that do not need to test the steering system as part of the whole system. This compact solution only requires a basic level of equipment, and yet a broad range of functionality tests can be performed for electric steering systems.

For this, the EPS ECU and the associated engine are connected to a servomotor which generates the loading cases calculated during simulation in real time.


  • Fail-safe tests a basis for steering system development
  • Comprehensive functionality tests for electric steering
  • Functionality tests can be operated as closed-loop test cases
  • Optimized control for short latencies in the range of common application scenarios
  • Dynamic restbus simulation (e.g. CAN) directly from CarMaker
  • Easily change the device under test (DUT) using mechanical adapters to optimize the workflow


  • Test of automated driving functions through easy integration of electric steering system components
  • Optimization of ECUs through functionality, performance and variance tests
  • Performance of homologation tests early on
  • Performance of virtual benchmarking
  • Test of steering functions in the field of vehicle dynamics and ADAS
  • Comprehensive system optimization for active systems, e.g. MBS suspension model, tires and vehicle

Your benefits at a glance

Compact hardware

Comprehensive testing of steering systems with basic equipment

Individual application

Use of different standard steering models from the CarMaker product family or own models

Short latencies and compensations

Hardware, software and network concept from a single source for complex closed-loop maneuvers


Easy performance of complex closed-loop maneuvers

Comprehensive test automation

Performance of complete test catalogs (ISP steering maneuvers, Euro NCAP, customer-specific tests)

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