Radar-in-the-Loop: Test radar sensors over the air

Radar-in-the-Loop is a test system from IPG Automotive consisting of different hardware and software components geared towards each other. It is used to test the operability of radar sensors to its full extent.

What is Radar-in-the-Loop?

  • Radar-in-the-Loop is a test system to test real radar sensors in virtual environments.
  • The test system consists of a Radar Target Simulator provided by selected partners as well as our Radar Target Simulator Interface for CarMaker HIL.
  • It integrates radar sensors into test processes, for example for automated driving functions.

Who benefits from Radar-in-the-Loop?

  • Test teams working in HIL environments or operate chassis dynamometers, powertrain or end-of-line test benches
  • ADAS and automated driving function developers
  • Users who apply radar sensors in development and test processes

Why Radar-in-the-Loop?

  • Radar-in-the-Loop allows to reliably test any radar-based driving function.
  • Virtually test complete radar sensors including antennas with Radar-in-the-Loop already in early development stages as well as during end-of-line releases (hardware-in-the-loop).

How can Radar-in-the-Loop be used?

  • Radar-in-the-Loop can be used to test automated driving functions with HIL and test benches.
  • Radar-in-the-Loop can be used for middle to long range front and rear radars as well as for short range such as corner radars.

Your benefits at a glance

Complete sensor

All components covered in closed-loop testing

Easy initial setup

Quickly get into the test process

Maximum efficiency

Easy to combine with existing ADAS or AV test benches


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