Movie NX

Real physics. Strong graphics.

Movie NX offers photorealistic visualizations for scenarios simulated in CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker.

The 3D engine applies physically based rendering to ensure a realistic lighting of the scene at all times. In combination with the weather effects from Movie NX, simulation scenarios can shift from a bright, sunshiny day in spring to a rainy night in autumn with just a few clicks.

The 3D engine from Movie NX also builds the foundation for the camera sensor model Camera RSI. This is based on features such as HDR capability or detailed modeled effects of camera lenses and sensors.

The Video Interface Box X even enables the direct transfer of simulated images from the graphics card to the imager of the camera system. The camera model can also be operated in headless mode for an efficient simulation on HPCs and in the cloud.

Semantic segmentation helps to train and validate the AI algorithms used in automated driving functions for object detection and classification amongst others.

Tests on snowy or icy roads? Movie NX enables to perform winter test drives under realistic physical conditions and with 100% snow guarantee. No need to catch a cold or travel to the Far North – perform tests from the comfort of your office.

Discover Movie NX now

Experience the world of Movie NX with our test license! Over the period of six weeks, you will discover how the photorealistic visualization takes your virtual test driving to the next level. Movie NX – Real physics. Strong graphics.