M408 – PWM and Frequency Meter


  • 20 Input channels usable as square wave or PWM measurement or binary input 
  • Input threshold of each channel separately configurable between 0.2 ..25.2V 
  • Input voltage range: 0 .. 60V 
  • Input resistance: 220kOhm 
  • Sample rate: 100MHz 
  • Frequency range from 0 up to 1MHz 
  • Accuracy is better than 0.02% 
  • Receives up to 8 SENT signals (SAE J2716) 
  • Galvanic isolation against system supply

Technical Data

Input channels
  • 20 input channels
SENT channels
  • 8, configurable to use any of the input channels
Input voltage range
  • 0V .. 60V
Input threshold voltage range
  • 0.2V .. 25.27V
Input threshold voltage resolution
  • 0.025V
Maximum input threshold voltage hysteresis
  • 7.5V
Input resistance
  • 220kOhm
Frequency range
  • 0 .. 1MHz
Period resolution
  • 10ns
High time resolution
  • 10ns
Address space
  • A08D16 or A24D32 
  • The SENT registers are available in the A24D32 address space only
Available connectors
  • 25 Pin SubD connector, female

  • Aquiring individual digital signals or binary coded information in automated test systems 
  • Measuring duty cylce and frequency of PWM signals from sensor ouputs 
  • Receiving SENT messages in automotive test applications

  • M31/M32 For acquiring digital signals