M31 – Binary Inputs Common Ground


  • Load on ground
  • 16 individual programmable digital inputs
  • Wide input range (0-40V)
  • FET constant current source inputs
  • Switchable debouncing feature (14ms debouncing time)
  • Input voltages and currents:
    - 5..40V; 2.5..3.5mA (high level)
    - 0..1V; 0..0.2mA (low level)

Technical Data

Input channels
  • 16 digital inputs
  • Load on ground, common gnd
  • FET constant current source inputs
Input voltages and currents
  • 5..40V; 2.5..3.5mA (high level)
  • 0..1V; 0..0.2mA (low level)
  • Common ground
Galvanic isolation
  • Optical isolation for each channel
  • 25-pin D-Sub connector (female)


  • Getting process status from digital sensors
  • Reading binary coded information
  • Aquiring user inputs from push-buttons

  • M408 For universal and PWM input on 20 channels
  • M409 With 8 digital inouts and additional analog and digital IOs
  • M66 Providing 32 IOs
  • M32 For load on supply voltage