Brake-in-the-Loop is a mechatronic test bench that enables to test and validate complete braking systems. With the highly dynamic brake actuators, deterministic and reproducible braking maneuvers up to emergency braking can be performed. Furthermore, a wet brakes test approach including hydraulic components is also possible. The Braking-in-the-Loop test bench is suitable for conventional mechanic brake boosters, iBoosters, 3-in-1 ESC configurations and brake—by-wire systems.


  • Active vehicle subsystems intertwined with the braking system
  • Scalable, modular solutions for hybrids or electric drives
  • Validation of regenerative brake strategies for vacuum-based and vacuum-independent regenerative braking systems
  • Sizing and calibration of brake system ECU
  • Fail-safe tests and functional tests according to ISO 26262
  • Simulation-based ESC homologation according to ECE R13-11 and ECE R13-H
  • Validation of redundant braking systems for fully automated driving
  • Adaptive pedal characteristics using programmable pedal characteristic curves
  • Configurable for trucks and pneumatic braking systems

Technical Data


Synchronous linear motor
Motor encoder Hi-resolution absolute linear motor feedback system

Servo amplifier

SEW MOVI-C modular automation system

Real-Time Interface


Control strategy force

Force feedback control (force sensor) with disturbance variable compensation

Control strategy position

Cascade control with subsidiary speed and force control


Peak force – 9 kN


Mean force – 7,5 kN


Maximal velocity – +- 1m/s

Your benefits at a glance

Highly dynamic performance

Compact system

Closed-loop simulation

Model-, maneuver- and event-based

Testing of whole braking systems

Realistic, reproducible and deterministic operating conditions

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