General information:

  • Advanced gaming-steering wheel combination
  • For use with CarMaker/Office and Cockpit Package Standard or CarMaker/HIL with Cockpit Package Professional

Driver-in-the-Loop (standard):

  • Standalone driver cockpit with real components
  • Monitors for visualization
  • Xpack4 platform for integration of real or soft ECUs

Driver-in-the-Loop (CAVE):

  • Driver cockpit with real components (steering wheel, pedals, clutch)
  • Integration into CAVE environment possible


  • SoundMaker add-on
  • Mechanical and electrical integration of customer-specific units: e.g., customer steering wheel, pedals, seat, shifter
  • Integration of eye tracking devices
  • Use the visualization tool MovieNX from IPG Automotive or integrate third-party animation tools e.g., rFpro

Application areas

  • Human-driver-in-the-Loop tests (steering wheel, pedal, shifter and customer-specific buttons)
  • Evaluation of new (software) algorithms
  • Test of HMI and rapid prototyping functions or applications
  • ADAS development applications (e.g. a head-up display for ACC, AEB or autonomous driving concepts)
  • Research on steering feel and behavior as well as early testing of LKA and LDW systems
  • Designed for use in CAVE or powerwall environments with a field of view of up to 360 degrees
  • Coupling with eye tracking systems for studies on the behavior of test participants
  • Test of advanced driver assistance systems and (higly) automated driving functions during the entire development process from MIL/SIL to HIL and VIL (e.g. evaluation of longitudinal control functions such as steering support or development-related studies on overtaking behavior)

Technical Data

  • CarMaker/HIL software with integrated cockpit components
  • Aluminum frame with Rexroth profile system
  • Rotatable caster wheels with brakes (for transport)
  • adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel with force feedback (SENSO-wheel) directly connected to CarMaker via the software Cockpit Package Pro and via CAN
  • Controllable gas and brake pedal, shifter optionally
  • Optional: Xpack4 real-time system with M410 (CAN interface) for testing with SENSODRIVE products
  • Emergency off switch and breaker
  • Connection to an external 230V power supply
  • Expandable real-time rack to integrate other components or ECUs
  • 3 flat screens with remote control
  • Work station PC (industrial 19” rack) with storage compartment
  • Available for (high end) gaming steering wheel devices


Actuator of Driver-in-the-Loop:

Cycle time1 ms
Rated torque7.5 Nm
Maximum torque16.5 Nm
Torque resolution0.03 Nm
Angle resolution0.009°
Power supply230 V
InterfaceCAN (1Mbaud)
Active pedal integrationX


Your benefits at a glance

Add-on solution for all CarMaker projects

Realistic, virtual test driving

Realistic steering behavior, ride and haptics with real-time feedback

Open integration and test system

Coupling with other test systems from IPG Automotive (Steering-in-the-Loop and Powertrain-in-the-Loop) and with third-party tools

Test of ADAS operability and system behavior

At design as well as development stages


Low investment

Testing during development with easy setup


Energy-efficient path planning and driver guidance systems

Rapid prototyping

with Simulink model, C model or FMU model

Coverage of all relevant steering systems


Steering feel experience and optimization