M27 – Binary Outputs Low Side Switch


  • 16 individual programmable digital outputs
  • Bipolar transistor technology, fast switching
  • Open collector outputs
  • Suppressor diode protection against inductive loads
  • 500mA per channel
  • Optically isolated outputs
  • Common ground

Technical Data

Output channels
  • 16 digital outputs
  • Open collector, bipolar transistor outputs
  • Lowside switch (load on supply voltage)
  • 8..36V; 10μA max (open)
  • 2V max.; 500mA (closed)
  • Common ground
Galvanic isolation
  • Optical isolation for each channel
Protection features
  • Thermal and short circuit protection
  • Suppressor diodes – protect against inductive loads
  • 25-pin D-Sub connector (female)

  • Switching high-voltage/high-current loads via relays
  • Process status display by switching LEDs
  • Switching other loads up to 500mA

  • 409 Providing digital and analog IOs
  • M441 With 16 channel high-end PWM outputs
  • M28 For a high-side switch variant
  • M66 and M81