M409 – Power Supply Control / Universal I/O


  • Two units, each containing
    - 4x Digital inputs with adjustable thresholds
    - 2x Digital open drain outputs
    - 2x/3x Analog inputs, 12bit, 0..10V
    - 2x Analog outputs, 12bit, 0..10V, 20mA
  • Each unit usable as power supply control unit or as multi purpose I/O 
  • Galvanic isolation between power supply0, power supply1 and system ground 
  • Supported power supplies
    - EA-PS9080-xxx 
    - Delta SM1500 
    - Lambda Genesys 
    - Most power supplies with 0..5V / 0..10V analog/ digital control interface

Technical Data

Maximum voltage
  • 30V
Number of units
  • 2
Analog Inputs 
  • 12bits (corresponds to 2.44mV)
Input voltage range
  • 0V .. 10V
  • +/-15mV
Sample rate
  • 20 kSPS
Input resistance
  • 102kOhm +/- 0.2%
Low-pass filter
  • 2.5kHz
Analog Output 
  • 12bits (corresponds to 2.44mV)
Output voltage range
  • 0V .. 10V
  • +/-20mV
Sample rate
  • 20kSPS
Digital Input 
4x comparator input Umax
  • 10V
Input resistance
  • 200kOhm
Selectable threshold voltage
  • 0.0V ... 10V
Protection against input voltage
  • <0.0V or >10.0V
Digital Output 
2x open drain output Umax
  • 10V
  • 1.0A
Output resistance (switch closed)
  • about 180mOhm
Over voltage protection
  • External negative voltage is applied
Over current protection
  • External current greater 1.5A
Available connectors
  • 25 Pin SubD connector, female

  • Controlling 2 independent power supplies in automotive test systems or process automation applications 
  • Aquire analog or digital signals in process automation 
  • Driving relay contacts or status LEDs with GPIO ports in process automation