M66 - Binary Inputs/Outputs


  • 32 individual configurable IO channels  
    - 4 optically isolated units
    - 8 channels for each unit
  • Individual use as input or output channel 
  • Input/output load on ground 
  • High-side output switches 
  • High output current
    - max. 1.9A per channel, 4A per unit

Technical Data

Output channels
  • Output voltage range: 12V..32V 
  • Output current log. 0: max. 10μA 
  • Output current log. 1: max. 1.9A 
  • Switching time for output change: 200μs typ
Input channels
  • Input voltage 0V..32V 
  • Voltage level log. 0: 0V..6V or open 
  • Voltage level log. 1: 12V..32V 
  • Input current log. 1: 4.4mA @ 24V 
  • Switching time for input change: 200μs typ
Protection features
  • Over current protection and over thermal protection, optical isolation
  • Shielded 44-pin HD-Sub connector (female)



  • Aquiring process control data in complex test systems 
  • Controlling complex automation systems 
  • Saving M-Module slots due to high-density connector

  • M408, M441 For high-end digital IO and PWM
  • M27, M28, M81 For cost attractive 16 channel variants
  • M409 Digital and analog IOs
  • M31, M32 Providing additional analog inputs as well as digital IOs